Urban Diddle

Handmade Botanics Platter Range - Fiddle Fig Artwork


The Urban Diddle Botanics Platter Range comes in 3 options:  

- Trinket: approx. 9-15 x 15-17cm (approx. 140-220 grams)
- Platter (with Twine tie): approx. 27.5 x 22cm (approx. 850gram)
- Serving Plate: 30 x 3cm depth (approx. 1.4kg) 

The 'Botanics' range is largely inspired by Daisy's time working as a florist.

How it actually came to fruition however, was in Daisy's attempt to design her own logo for Urban Diddle. Fair to say, as you'll come to find, drawing is not her forte. VOILA, the first design in the 'Botanics' range was born. Fondly known as...… Drum roll..... ‘Leaf’... perhaps slightly underwhelming however you can see how much this vision has progressed in her designs now available in the Botanics range.

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