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Clover Pot - Peachy Pink


The first product from 'Cotta co', we are thrilled to be able to distribute the 'Clover Pot'.

Made from a mix of Cement, Fibre, Seashell and stone they are a sturdy and heavyweight pot perfect for both indoors or outdoors. 

Designed by a florist, these pots originated from the shape of a petal. Throughout the design process the curves were reduced and rounded to a simpler shape which more clearly began to replicate a clover leaf. Thus the name, 'Clover'. Their heavy cement base makes them perfect for outdoors, however, with the option of a matching drip tray they also make a beautiful addition inside the home. 

Available in 3 colours: Peppermint Green, Pale Pink and Sand white 

Sets of 4: 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 50x50cm (SETS CANNOT BE SPLIT)


50x50cm: 29kg
40x40cm: 19kg
30x30cm: 10kg
20x20cm: 3.5kg
SET: 61.5kg
50cm Saucer: $58
40cm Saucer: $48
30cm Saucer: $38
20cm Saucer: $28


Fading will occur over time, speed of fading will be dependent on UV intensity.

This product is sold SEPERATELY to the drip trays

WHOLESALE MINIMUM ORDER: 4 SETS (colours can be mixed) 

READ!!!!! Please note, hairline fractures and small chips are NORMAL! We opted for large shell and stone flecks with the knowledge that this would result in hairline cracks and chips (due to stones being dislodged during the setting/sanding phase). Any pots/trays with larger chips have been filtered through, those with small repair size chips have been repaired with adhesive. Any with chips large enough to affect the INTEGRITY of the pot have been removed. The same rules applies for fractures. If the hairline fractures do not affect the INTEGRITY of the pot then they have been approved by us. By accepting this, you accept that you also acknowledge there will be the occasional hairline fracture and chip on the pots/trays and that these are a result of the terrazzo nature of the pot. These will NOT be compensated for. The pots are made in small batch and finished by hand, not manufactured by a machine.


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